Bewitched by the Black Pearl

Pearls are one of the most elegant gemstones out there. Technically a pearl is not a stone but I’m just kind of used to putting pearls in the same category as gemstones.

The pearl is an exceptional stone, considering it is formed in the heart of an oyster; the combination of sand with a little magic from the oyster itself gives birth to this mesmerizing pearl, which adorns the bodies of thousands of women across the globe.

Now, I am going to be honest here and tell you that before doing research for this article, I did not know that there was such thing as a black pearl. I mean, I had seen black pearl necklaces but I knew they were just plastic beads with black paint on them, but I had no idea pearls could be black until a few days ago. And that’s when I knew I had to do research on this and find out just what this black pearl really is.

Open up, Oh Mighty Oyster

The conventional pearls are white and are formed in the mouths of the oysters which have are white from the inside, and that is what gives them their color. In the same way, the black pearl gets its color from the black oyster and it is found mostly in Tahiti, hence they are known as Tahitian Pearls and are fairly more expensive than their dyed counterparts. The oyster produces a black substance during the formation of the pearl which is the cause of the pearls being black.

Moreover, the black pearl is not purely black but in fact it has a mesmerizing iridescence to it, reflecting colors such as blue, green and pink which makes it look like a wonder of nature. However, the pearls are not always pure black as their colors can vary such as charcoal, gray and even silver. And the pearls are not always necessarily round in shape. Considering how unique this gemstone is, it comes in various shapes depending on how Nature wishes to shape it.

Dyed black pearls on the other hand are originally white but due to the technological advancements and scientific techniques, they are painted to resemble black pearls. There are various techniques such as irradiation of the pearl to give it a gray color along with French dying which uses silver nitrate to color the pearl. And depending upon how much you are willing to spend, you can decide whether to go for the original Tahitian Pearl or one of the dyed ones available in the market. But always be careful when buying a gemstone as there are a lot of counterfeit ones out there, so make sure you check thoroughly before you purchase.

What does it mean to own a Black Pearl?

Gemstones are known to have metaphysical properties and the Black Pearl is no less. Having a Black Pearl in your possession can really help you in different ways. One of the properties of Black Pearl is that it protects you from negative energy. Wearing an amulet with this stone can shield you from malevolence.

Secondly, this gemstone can help you bring clarity and confidence; so if you are someone who is confused and does not know which road to take, or you generally are not a confident person, then Black Pearl is something which you should consider purchasing.

Thirdly, the Black Pearl can enhance your charm and fill you with positive energy. So if you are looking for people to like you or to be attracted to you, then get a Black Pearl and keep it close to you because it will surround you with positive energy which would in turn have people being attracted to you.

Another unique property of the Black Pearl is that it can also be used for healing. We are all consumed by pain or negative thoughts at some point in our lives, so this gemstone can help ward off negative thoughts and help us be more confident and positive.

Myths and Folklore

The Black Pearl is considered to be a rare gem and therefore there are a lot of myths and folklore surrounding it which tend to vary from region to region. Which is an interesting subject for me, since I love reading about myths and folklore of every region that exists on Earth.

So according to the mythologies, the Black Pearl is a symbol of prosperity and in Chinese mythology, it is considered to be a symbol of wisdom because the Black Pearl was formed from the head of the dragon and we all know how important the dragon is in the Chinese culture.

Since black pearls are so rare, one explanation for it is that when Adam and Eve were cast out of from Heaven, their tears created a lake of pearls and since Adam’s tears were black, that resulted in the rarity of the black pearl.

According to Polynesian folklore, the moon attracted the black lipped oysters—which are the cause of the black pearls—and bestowed on them the gift of different metallic hues, which gave them their appearance.

Now all this is fascinating and makes me want to go out and snag some Black Pearls for myself because who wouldn’t want to own one of these beauties which are not only alluring and unique in their appearance, but are surrounded by such interesting symbolism.

Furthermore, if you would like to know more about the Tahitian Pearl or the Black Pearl as it is mentioned in this post, you can find a very interesting and informative video about the journey of this gemstone here.


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